Terms & Conditions

The same privacy legislation applies across the EU as of 25 May 2018:
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We strictly adhere to this legally established legislation and guidelines. Other rules apply outside the EU. Our policy is based on the GDPR.

When you visit our website (www.watchmakerwatches.com) we collect data from you. We do this exclusively for the improvement of our website.

What are the data we collect?
We automatically collect certain information about your device once you are on the website. Information about your web browser, IP address, time zone and some cookies installed on your device. In addition, we collect information about the web pages or products you view, search terms you use and how you were referred to the site. We collect this information from you to improve our website.

How do we collect this information?
Among other things, we collect data by means of "cookies" which are placed on your device or computer. You can choose to disable this placement of "cookies" on your device.

Personal order information
The information we collect when purchasing a product in our web shop is your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (including credit card numbers, Ideal data, PayPal data, bank transfer data, email address and telephone number. We need this information for our administration and are for personal use only. However, we would like to point out that we are forced to share your data with the authorities in case of suspicion of fraud, theft or other illegal matters. For questions, comments and / or complaints you can contact us by email.

Your order is our responsibility. After payment, we ship your ordered product within 48 hours, unless there is a good reason for this.
We always ship your watch with track & trace code. You will receive this code after sending it by email. When your order has a total value of € 500 or more, we will ship your order insured by value. Usually we ship the order with DHL, this allows us to guarantee a good shipping service and a safe professional handling of your order.

Delivery times
The delivery times are of course as short as possible. We do everything we can to send your order the same day and in most cases you will receive your order within one working day. We can not guarantee this delivery time as we also work with third parties in this process. You will be contacted by email before delivery, so that you know where your package is and when you can expect delivery.

Return Policy
If you want to return the watch to us, you can do that within 14 days. We are not responsible for the return costs or the process of return to us. We advise you to send the watch to us by registered post with track & trace, including insurance. Returned products must be in exactly the same condition as they were shipped by us. We will check the condition of the watch on the day we send it to you. We do this by creating a file about the exact condition of the watch. This file describes exactly what the mechanical condition of the watch is. This file also contains a movie in which the current amplitude and beat error are recorded. In addition, we take detailed photos of the timepiece and the exterior of the watch.

Return the watch complete, including the original purchase invoice and any other included accessories (these must not be missing). If this is missing or the watch and / or the timepiece deviates in any form, we will fully charge you the costs required to repair it. If the amount is less than your purchase amount, you will be refunded the remainder.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we fully comply with your rights, but in case of any suspicion of fraud, we do not pay until we can rule out that it is malicious fraud or another matter through no fault of your own. If everything is in order, we will refund your money (after receipt of the ordered product) to the account with which it was paid.

You can pay with Ideal, PayPal, American Express, Visa or Mastercard via our webshop. Payment by bank transfer is also possible, in this case please contact us first.

Authenticity of the watch
How do I know that my ordered product is in the described and authentic condition as stated on the site, and how do I know if this watch has not been stolen?

Digital buyers register
All Dutch buyers have a registration obligation (Article 437 Penal Code). Based on art. 437Sr, purchasers are required by law to maintain a certified purchase register.

The digital buyers register registers the buyer, and gives the obligation to report all purchases digitally. All our purchases are also kept in this digital system. The government systematically checks all our purchases so that we cannot have watches from theft.

The national government therefore checks all our purchases true the digital buyers register whether the watch is registered as stolen. If this is not the case, one of our watchmakers will check the entire condition of the watch and determine in this process whether the watch, including the timepiece, is authentic. Our qualified watchmakers and experienced watch buyers work very carefully and purchase most watches from authorized watch dealers only.

When we buy from private individuals, we use the same process. We only buy the watch after the checks. This process also applies when a watch is exchanged.

When you buy a watch that costs € 500 or more, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with this watch. This certificate guarantees the authenticity of this watch, that the watch is not registered as stolen and that the mechanical condition of the watch is in good and original condition.

Warranty and conditions
How does our warranty work. You have a one-year warranty from a sales amount of € 500 or more. This means that you can contact us within that year if there is a problem with the watch.

Warranty conditions
Your purchase will be fully repaired (without repair costs) if, in the opinion of Watchmaker watches, the watch has defects that are beyond your fault. By no fault of your own, we do not mean wear caused by the improper use of the watch, its functions and non-maintenance.
Most of the watches we sell are vintage. This means, among other things, that there is usually no manual for the watch. You are responsible for the correct handling of the watch and its functions. If you do not know this, you can inquire about the correct use of the watch and its functions.

Service without warranty
We always guarantee you a good service after buying a watch in our webshop. You can also contact us if, for example, the watch stops or the watch runs ahead or behind (for example after a fall or a hard blow to the watch). We then look at the damage that has occurred. You will receive a completely free quote for the repair of your watch. If you do not agree with this offer, we will send the watch back to you.

Pay attention! We always ship your watch with a value of € 500 or more insured by value with track & trace (we will charge the costs for shipping for this). We will send your watch back to you after payment of the shipping costs.

We at Watchmaker watches guarantee high quality and good service with all watches in our webshop. This warranty is an exception because we sell high quality watches.